What we do

We bring entrepreneurs and investors together to build an ecosystem where all businesses can thrive.

Networking events

It's often said that for entrepreneurs to develop and succeed, it's important for them to network with people not directly connected to their business. Exchanging ideas with people outside of your regular circle of contacts can trigger new ideas or appproaches.
Angels Inc. organizes a number of regular events that bring together a diverse crowd of business professionals, fostering a community where entrepreneurs can exchange ideas and create synergies with dynamic figures working in a variety of fields and those looking to support or invest in entrepreneurship."

Seminars & workshops

For a start-up to be successful, it needs to be able to draw on knowledge from across a range of fields. Before a launch, knowing the ins and outs of fund-raising, marketing strategy, accounting, finance and the legal side of the business is crucial; after a launch, issues such as retaining top talent, team-building, adding value to products and services and managing expansion become key concerns. These are some of the areas we seek to address at our workshops, where entrepreneurs can hone vital skills, and seminars, which are presented by highly experienced lecturers. We also hold seminars where potential angel investors can learn what they need to know to start out and what to watch out for later.

Mentoring and support

As well as specialized knowledge, entrepreneurs need “backers” — supporters with in-depth experience that the entrepreneurs can trust. Through both its online and offline services and ideas, Angels Inc. helps build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships between entrepreneurs, angel investors, supportive business professionals and highly-connected and knowledgable top-level executives.

Crowdfunding platform

We've developed our own online platform, with both free and paid membership, that provides helpful information and details about seminars and other events. It also doubles as a marketplace and forum for community-building and information exchange. We're also building a crowdfunding platform to support entrepreneurs and promote start-ups (expected to be up and running in 2017).

Sourcing & matching

We also plan to offer a service that uses AI (artificial intelligence) to match entrepreneurs with investors based on their specific needs, working from information available on our online platform. This offers angel investors or venture capitalists a precious opportunity to engage with promising investment targets at the businesses' early stages.

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